Tuesday, August 29, 2006

gps tracking system vehicle : GPS Fleet Management System

LifeTrak's gps vehicle tracking system is cost effective management solution which allows you to locate your vehicles either over the Internet with LifeTrak Fleet Web or with LifeTrak Fleet, a standalone software based system. This instantaneous information allows you to make informed decisions as to routing, schedules and fulfillment of the intended activities.
Lifetrak's vehicle tracking system is an efficient cost saving tool for managing your operation from one control point.

sends an automatic location update allowing you to know at a glance when and where a job is taking place

Customize reports to evaluate driver productivity
E-Mail notification of Unauthorized Vehicle Usage, for example side jobs, route deviation, and speeding

Optional Message Display Terminals allow drivers to send and receive messages to vehicle tracking device with all communications confirmed.

Satisfy customer inquiries with accurate status information

Access accurate vehicle tracking activity information that is available only to you
Track your vehicle anytime, anywhere from a computer via the Internet!

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