Friday, August 18, 2006

gps tracking system vehicle : Evaluate the XP60 GSM/GPS

HunterPro S.A. has released one of the world's lowest-cost and more tough AVL unit: the XP60 GPS GSM/SMS/GPRS featuring a tri-band embedded GSM modem and GSM antenna (900/1800/1900 frequencies). It is a WORLD model with full GPRS/SMS functionality, ideal for Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), Emergency Dispatch, Fleet Tracking, GPS Tracking, or basic anti-theft application by using state-of-the-art GPS technologies, with the highest sensitivity possible thanks to the use of latest SiRF chipset which is the best GPS technology available.

It has the best stability ratio with an excellent algorithm for GPRS reconnection and GPRS connection detection. It is the most complete GPS/AVL/GSM solution available in the market today not based in RF, radio or triangulation, but in reliable GPS plus GSM/SMS/GPRS based in cellular networks instead. While satellite solutions can be jammed and the antenna required is totally visible, big and obvious, while the service is expensive, this solution based in GSM is cost effective, 100% covert, and with no royalties, no monthly fees. The only cost your customers will have is the carrier's bill.

CellPager for your Car: Control your car alarm remotely. Unlike short range car pagers, CellPager calls you directly at your cellular phone or landline. A very different concept from a car alarm system: Remote Cellular Protection is the emerging inexpensive solution for car security and recovery.

The power is at your fingertips: you can STOP the engine remotely by entering your personal code thus preventing robbery. Nationwide access to your car is now available using CellPager.

No longer you have to worry about your alarm pager's range, no matter where you are, CellPager (Cellular Car Alarm Pager) will call you directly at your cellular phone (and alternatively at a landline phone) till you answer. Phone numbers can be stored remotely and can be activated or deactivated remotely.

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