Friday, August 25, 2006

gps tracking system vehicle : You’ll Never Have To Wonder Again

If you’ve ever wondered about where your car or truck may be, a GPS vehicle tracking device, such as the Thief-Track our answer to LoJack ®, can put you in the know. A vehicle tracking device and real time tracking device are “related” to the GPS system because their main functions are to track the location of your vehicle. You’re in definite need of a GPS tracking system if you’re concerned about the following:
Curious about where your spouse goes at night?
Have teenagers you’re concerned about?
Think your employees might be abusing company car privileges?
Have a fleet of trucks and need to track their routes and arrival times?
Need to protect your vehicles from thieves?
Find out all of this information, and more, with the Thief-Track; our answer to LoJack ® or another GPS vehicle tracking or real time tracking system from GPS on

GPS Vehicle Tracking In Real-time

Many of our GPS vehicle tracking units offer real-time delivery of information. With some GPS tracking units, you can actually watch the tracked vehicle move across your computer screen. Other vehicle tracking systems show you the history of travel at 15-minute intervals. Our real time tracking units will let you immediately know the direction, street, speed, and exact location of your vehicle within 15 meters.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Recorders

Looking for a more economical GPS solution? GPS vehicle tracking recorders offer a lower priced system with practically the same features as real time tracking device, but with no monthly charges. The only difference between the real time tracking and vehicle tracking recorders is that recorders "record" the data for viewing at another time, while a real time tracking device displays current data right before your eyes. Recorders require you to take the unit out of the car to download the tracking record.
Whether you choose the Thief-Track; our answer to LoJack ® or another GPS tracking system, GPS on has your GPS unit ready to follow your vehicle’s every mile.

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