Wednesday, August 23, 2006

gps tracking system vehicle : XP60 GPS GPRS

There is only one XP60 GPS GPRS hardware in the market ready for Asset Tracking, Fleet Management and Dispatch: HP stands for HunterPro high precision GPS vehicle tracking receiver integrated with a GSM modem (GPRS or SMS) or AMPS cellular transceiver. HP GPS is a complete AVL solution for Asset Tracking and Fleet Management and is not just a stand alone GPS vehicle tracking receiver.

A LCD Display has been added into our new GPS product with the following features: real-time status, GPS coordinates, communication status, velocity, heading, remote messaging, satellite strength and SVID number, and other information of interest for the developers and the final customers. The strength of each satellite is graphically displayed with a bar - this eliminates the need of a PC or laptop in the vehicle for installing and testing the GPS vehicle tracking antenna.

Best of all, XP-GPS vehicle units can be geared by using a simple and universal ASCII command set. This protocol is widely available in third party AVL software, more about our GPS vehicle tracking units here.

Real-time input/output state is now reflected on the LCD screen. This makes installation and diagnostic of the vehicle unit easier and with a 100 % accurate real-time feedback.

HunterPro is adding support for PDAs in order to increase the autonomy of the system. A small Palm application shall be released internally in order to test GPS vehicle tracking units, and configure them. In future you can use a PDA as a remote base station, eliminating the need of a notebook, adding support for third parties applications such as remote billing, credit card processing, or others.

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