Wednesday, August 23, 2006

gps tracking system vehicle : CellPager.

The power is at your fingertips: you can STOP the engine remotely by entering your personal code thus preventing robbery. Nationwide access to your car is now available using CellPager.

No longer you have to worry about your alarm pager's range, no matter where you are, CellPager (Cellular Car Alarm Pager) will call you directly at your cellular phone (and alternatively at a landline phone) till you answer. Phone numbers can be stored remotely and can be activated or deactivated remotely.

CellPager makes possible to interact with your car security system remotely with only a call. Activate the Panic siren with the only press of a digit. Even more: find your vehicle in any huge parking.

Following with the idea of CellPager, HunterPro created the Personal GPS vehicle tracking SMS/GPRS based. This a powerful product which is capable of sending its position through the SMS/GPRS network (using GSM) to a base station (can be your own PC or notebook). The key advantages of this system are: price, size and simplicity of its protocol which is based in an ASCII protocol. Full bi-directional communication is available, so you can kill the engine, detect robbery, locate any number of vehicles in real-time within seconds.

You can build your own internet-based AVL business with it, or use it as your personal GPS vehicle tracking security device. With the CellPager itself you were able to block the engine remotely from a regular phone (using DTMF tones), but now with NetTrack (XP GSM) you're able to locate your car and stop it, generate reports, and more just by logging in to the web server. Please contact Sales for details.

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