Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Advantage for company with GPS vehicle tracking system fixed

With GPS vehicle tracking system fixed inside the vehicles a company can improve its service and sales by deliver its goods in time to put a trust in the custombers. A happy custombers will mostly recommand their friends and relatives to the company.

There are many good things with GPS vehicle tracking system fixed. The time long take of your wokers to deliver the goods as you can check from the computer screem the location of the vehicle. If the vehicle has a breakdown with GPS vehicle tracking system you can signal the closest vehicle to go and pick-up and deliver the goods. Another advantage is you can avoil traffic jams by telling your worker to used the other routes.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

reasons why employer should instore gps tracking system vehicle

Most employees should be trusted and treated as adults. But some employees if not checked they will give you problem.

Some of the problems are employees who like to speed and drive very fast because they don't have to worried about the wear and torn of the vehicle as they don't have to bear the cost, waste your gasoline and risk to accident that can drive up your insurance rates. With a gps tracking system vehicle you as a owner will be alert when your employees exceeds your set up speed limit for them. This will save you fuels, bears the repairs cost and the insurance premium.

The other reasons having a gps tracking system vehicle instore you can check the mileage of the vehicle uses. Your employee wont tell you story where they go as mostly the employee will take the advanctage of using the vehicle after working hours, going out with friends after midnight, taking family for outing as you can check it from the computer sreen.

With gps system vehicle it will remains you about it time to change your engine oil and change or rotate the tires. With gps system vehicle instore it will benifit both the employer and the employee.